Services Structural & Civil Engineering Design and Structural Repair Services

Highland Gates on Kathy Trail Apartments in Dallas, Texas 75205

Multifamily building with wide open areas and high ceilings framed with structural steel to accommodate foyer and corridors. The rest framed with wood framing.

Weatherford Regional Medical Center, Weatherford, Texas 70086

The structural engineering scope was about 100,000 square feet, designed with ordinary moment connection to create wide open spaces and also responding to areas sensitive to vibration.

Vista Del Sol Baptist Church, in El Paso, Texas

The building is 30,000 square feet with pre-cast wall panels, steel roof structure that enclose the sanctuary and composite mezzanine floor for multiple purposes.

US Postal Service Building Distribution Center, at Boing, El Paso, Texas

Project with over 250,000 square feet is the largest post office in El Paso, Texas. Constructed with pre-cast panels and structural steel framing.

Fire Station No. 5, DFW International Airport, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Building designed in2002 whose footprint of 23,000 square feet is framed with structural steel and light gauge steel and foundation of drilled piers.

Love Field Airport Central Plant and Triturator in Dallas, Texas

Project involved civil, structural, MEP, and surveying for a central plant building that houses chillers and cooling towers as well as a 1,000,000-gallon cold water storage tank and a three-bay triturator building.

For Existing Buildings

We conduct structural condition assessments of existing buildings following standard practices with the purpose proposed by the client of preparing a report of structural performance, serviceability, code compliance, and or due diligence that can contribute significantly to informed decision making before or after acquiring a new property.

Building owners, property managers and tenants can resort to our services to find solutions when the physical property undergoes structural distress or foundation problems. This normally becomes visible when cracks appear on the walls or ceilings or the floor becomes out of level. Existing structural materials, like concrete, steel, wood, and masonry may have been subjected to deterioration or damage due to environmental factors or manmade accidents. We provide the client with possible option(s) of structural repairs.

ACE provides retrofit design for intended existing structural modifications that have the purpose of accommodating new floor layouts or new loading on the existing structure. When an aged building has to be adapted for new use, the existing building may have to be retrofit in order to attain the structural capacity required for the new use according to current building standards.

Forensic engineering is part of our engineering services to assist the client to determine the probable cause of damage and/or the degree of damage. This is the required first step before considering the repair of the structure.

Chase Tower Sign in Dallas, Texas

The building two top floors and roof structure had to be reinforced to pick up the new chase sign loads that cover two top stories. Beams had to be spliced and site welded. Took cautious measures against fire.

Provided structural retrofit to create a large opening on a floor at mid-height of tower to frame a new slender stair. Structural services provided to a reputed local architectural firm.

Grapevine Mills Outlet Mall, Texas

The floor had unacceptable vertical movement making floors cracks and wall panels separate. An engineered foundation repair was a must. Originally, the columns were supported on footings and were replaced by drilled piers. The grade beams were not originally designed to support vertical loads and we reinforced them.

Large Warehouse in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

This picture shows a wall that was previously “repaired” by one of those foundation repair contractors that offer to provide an inexpensive solution to the problem, it shows in a very dramatic way the wall cracks after about six months of being “repaired”. Our approach is different because is based on principles of engineering mechanics that provide a stable solution.

For Retaining Walls:

We design retaining walls for landscape projects, or to stabilize any other condition where difference in grade elevation requires a retaining wall. The retaining walls design include: supported on piers, footings, soil nail walls, and gabion walls.

Turtle Creek, Downtown Dallas, Texas

City of Dallas, Parks and Recreation project for site improvement and to stabilize the embankment along the creek.

Kings Gate at Shoal Creek, Plano, Texas

Gabion retaining walls to stabilize the property line along the creek. Project for the Home Owner’s Association